Traditionelles Shotokan Karate in München


Before becoming a member of JKA Munich, you are welcome to join us for a trial lesson and
get an impression of who we are and how we train. Beginners may dress in normal sports
clothes. You may also purchase a Karate-Gi from us.

For a membership application, please contact the coaches. They will provide you with all the
necessary information.

Once a member, you will receive a membership pass as well as an annual membership card.
These are necessary for participating in different events such as belt gradings and Karate

Membership fees:

Children (up to 12 years)

22,00€ / month

Pupils (under 18 years)

28,00€ / month


35,00€ / month


45,00€ / month

Membership pass

10,00€ nonrecurring fee

Annual membership card

20,00€ / year

The fees will be deducted from your bank account every month.
Cancellation of membership is subject to 4 weeks' notice, taking effect at the end of the month.